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Trevor Codington

Hi, I'm Trevor Codington. Welcome to my profile!

As an attorney, Trevor Codington values logical thinking but he also understands the importance in being able to think abstractly when negotiating. There will be transactions that present issues you had no way of anticipating and it is in these situations that Trevor Codington thinks the ability to think creatively will come in handy. He believes this is often why pre-Law students study English, so that they can be more eloquent and master the use of words.

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Lawyer at Self

Present | Petaluma, CA, USA

As a coach at the gym, Trevor Codington has to be the inspiration to his team members and be able to teach them the movements correctly. This requires mastering the exercises before teaching which can be time consuming and somewhat exhausting. And yet, this is what Trevor Codington loves about being a coach: being the reason someone else is able to understand how to push their body and see results. He enjoys being a role model to the new members at the CrossFit 38 Degrees North gym he works at.

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